Why Choose Natural Stone Thin Veneer?

Alliance Materials Natural Stone Thin Veneer has all the beauty and benefits of full thickness natural stone at a fraction of the weight. Because of its light weight and durability, it meets architectural guidelines where full thickness stone is not an option. We custom cut our natural stone thin veneer per order to ensure quality and accuracy. Almost all of the full thickness stone we offer is available in thin veneer. So please feel free to browse our natural products pages to find the right color and style for your next project!   

Natural Stone Thin Veneer Benefits:

  • Lighter in weight than full thickness natural stone.
  • Same durability and color options as natural stone.
  • It can be used for exterior and interior applications.
  • Flats are cut per square ft, and corners are cut per linear ft.
  • Cut to order minimizes waste and excess material.
  • Because we cut to order, we have some control over color percentages.



Natural Stone Thin Veneer is a good option for the following projects :

  • Home renovations when full thickness stone may be too much added weight or depth. Like a kitchen backsplash or fireplace remodel.
  • Existing buildings that don’t have a proper footing for full thickness stone.
  • Commercial or residential projects with weight restrictive building codes.
  • Can be directly applied to existing masonry applications such as concrete, brick, block and tilt wall structures.
  • Will also adhere to concrete board, plywood, and drywall with the use of metal lathe for most applications.


Here at Alliance Materials, our Natural Stone Thin Veneer starts out as our full thickness, 3”-5” bed depth building material. With the use of our modern machinery, we then cut it down to an approximate thickness of 1.25” +/-. Maintaining the natural beauty and durability of the stone, while trimming off the excess weight. Thin veneer flats used in correlation with the corner pieces provide the look of a traditional full bed depth material while drastically reducing the weight associated with full thickness.